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Continuous filament winding (CFW)


The Continuous filament winding process for GRP pipes takes its name from that the GRP pipes are manufactured on an endless re-forming mandrel and the GRP pipe length is only limited by transport restrictions.

Due to the cost advantages of the process in long manufacturing runs of larger diameters, these GRP pipes are mainly used for larger diameter water transmission projects, irrigation, power and desalination plants and similar. The GRP pipes are however equally suited for sewers, force mains and industrial applications.

The PLC controlled manufacturing process gives a very high level of control of raw material distribution and curing. It is an industrial GRP pipe process that ensures that the quality is repeated in every pipe.

The GRP pipes are manufactured in a diameter range from DN600 to DN2600 and in pressure classes according to AWWA C-950 up to 32 bar (kgs). Any stiffness class class is manufactured including the standard SN2500, SN5000 and SN10000 GRP pipe classes.

The most commonly used joint is the well proven REKA sleeve joint and in addition the GRP pipes can be supplied with lock or butt strap joints for restrained pipe designs. The joints ensures a fast and safe installation process.

Standard and special fittings are manufactured out of GRP pipes and supplied to suit all diameters, pressure and stiffness classes.

Quality is ensured through a constant QA program on incoming raw material through production and process control and of finished products. Pacific Pipes are developing raw materials together with the raw material manufacturers to maximise the long term properties of the GRP pipes and fittings.

  Pacific GRP Pipe Systems Continuous Filament Winding
  Pacific GRP Pipe Systems Continuous Filament Winding
  Pacific GRP Pipe Systems Continuous Filament Winding
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