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Helical Winding (HW). Wrapped or resin/glass pipes


Helical winding has a long history spanning more than 60 years as a process for manufacturing composite products for GRP pipes and vessels as well as civil and military applications.

During the past 15 years the helical winding process of GRP pipes has evolved into wrapped pipes and this process has proven its effectiveness and reliability. The wrapped GRP pipe process consists of a liner and inner reinforced structural layer of resin / glass. The central core is premixed in exact quantities of resin and aggregate and wound on the pipe. The outer layer is a reinforced resin / glass layer.

The process ensures that the central core of the GRP pipes is located in the neutral axis of the pipe structure which is not subjected to any stresses during the operation of the pipeline. All stresses are on the inner and outer reinforced structural layers.

This GRP pipe system is manufactured in a standard diameter range of 100mm to 3000mm. Larger / smaller diameter GRP pipes can be manufactured for special project requirements. The GRP pipes are supplied with the diameters and tolerances specified in Pacific Customer Acceptance Standard. It is a controlled reproducible process using first class raw materials resulting in a corrosion resistant, composite structure meeting the design and operation requirements of any specified project.

The GRP pipes are field connected with glass fiber reinforced bell and spigot couplings or sleeve Reka couplings meeting or exceeding the requirements of ASTM D4161. The bell and spigot couplings can be supplied with lock joints and testing nibbles enable testing of all couplings in the field during the installation and before the final hydro test of the completed pipeline.

For specific project requirements, Pacific Pipe Systems manufacture resin / glass pipes.

  Pacific GRP pipes Helical Winding
  Pacific GRP pipes helical winding
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Pacific GRP pipes helical winding   Pacific GRP pipes helical winding
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