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Pacific Pipe Systems GRP pipe Applications
GRP pipes have a history spanning more than 60 years and with well proven and tested standards. The most commonly used are AWWA, ASTM and ISO standards and those are also the base for the Indian BIS standards. In the early days, due to the higher cost of raw materials, GRP pipes had a disadvantage against metallic pipes but even in this situation, GRP pipes were the fastest growing pipe material in the world in market share. It was supplied at a premium price due to the benefits in corrosion resistance and long term performance. Since then the raw material cost ratio has changed to the advantage of GRP pipes over metallic pipes. Now we supply a superior product at a more competitive price than traditional pipe materials.
GRP pipes for industrial applications  

Power plants, desalination etc are multi billion Dollar investments where the piping system is a negligible part of the total plant cost. Still the piping system is the life line of the plant operation, if the piping system fails, the plant often stops. To invest in corrosion resistant material designed to operate at elevated temperatures could be considered an insurance policy.

GRP pipes have an excellent performance record in power plants in India and in other parts of the world and is often the specified material and the material of choice. To use GRP pipes is to protect the investment. Industrial pipes often operates in very corrosive environments and there is no known way to prevent corrosion in metallic pipes. Modern coating systems and cathodic protection systems can delay corrosion but never prevent it. It is always better to use a material that is inherent corrosion resistant.

Pacific supply inherent corrosion resistant GRP pipe solutions with either restrained or unrestrained joints.

In addition to GRP pipe supply and installation, Pacific Pipes provides full engineering services for industrial project, including FEM analysis and stress analysis using Caesar II software.

  Industrial piping
  Industrial Piping
Other applications  

Pacific Pipes for potable water, power, sewers, industrial, cooling water, intakes and outfalls, no-dig and trenchless rehabilitation applications

There are many other application areas for GRP pipes, in irrigation, penstocks for hydropower etc. In most applications where pipes can be used, it will prove an advantage to use Pacific pipe systems.




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GRP pipe applications for water and sewers standards