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Pacific Pipe Systems GRP pipe Applications
GRP pipes have a history spanning more than 60 years and with well proven and tested standards. The most commonly used are AWWA, ASTM and ISO standards and those are also the base for the Indian BIS standards. In the early days, due to the higher cost of raw materials, GRP pipes had a disadvantage against metallic pipes but even in this situation, GRP pipes were the fastest growing pipe material in the world in market share. It was supplied at a premium price due to the benefits in corrosion resistance and long term performance. Since then the raw material cost ratio has changed to the advantage of GRP pipes over metallic pipes. Now we supply a superior product at a more competitive price than traditional pipe materials.
GRP pipe sewer systems and force mains  


Traditionally concrete pipes have been used in sewer systems and initially they performed well. The past 20 years have however seen many failures of concrete pipes in sewer systems that at first could not be well explained. A large interceptor was build in Hamburg using concrete pipes with inner epoxy coating. It was a high investment project, not only due to pipe material but also the construction costs in the center of Hamburg. The interceptor failed after three years of operation. Substantial research and investigations went into the project to determine the reasons.

The findings clearly stated that although concrete sewers worked well in the past, this is no longer the case. The increased living standards have changed the composition of the sewage. Increased use of detergents have made the sewage more acidic and also led to higher temperatures. It got the name "to many hamburgers". This further led to a large investigation of all German concrete sewers with CCTV cameras and this provided a shock and a multi billion Euro investment in repairing and replacing concrete sewers with GRP as one of the preferred pipe materials.

After the German experience, the same effect has been seen in many countries with leaking concrete pipes polluting the ground water and due to infiltration, increases the volume and cost of sewage treatment.

Pacific provides corrosion resistant GRP pipes with no infiltration or exfiltration, long term tested in pH1 according to ASTM standards. The pipes have a service life in sewer application far in excess of the Standard's requirement of 50 years.

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Pacific GRP Pipes for potable water, power, sewers, industrial, force mains no-dig and trenchless rehabilitation applications.

There are many other application areas for GRP pipes, in irrigation, penstocks for hydropower etc. In most applications where pipes can be used, it will prove an advantage to use Pacific pipe systems.




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